Create a safe haven with Evacuation Assembly Area products

Where do your employees gather after an evacuation?  Most stand in the parking lot away from the building, some go their cars, some wander around the premises… it’s almost impossible to keep track of everyone unless you have a well-organized Evacuation Assembly Area. Easily account for everyone in your facility when every employee is required to meet at a safe spot far away from the building and emergency crews.  A good Evacuation Assembly Area will include bright bold signage at the designated assembly point, traffic cones and barricade tape to block off hazards and dangerous areas, and lightsticks in case the environment is dark due to time of day or smoky conditions. It’s best to be proactive about your emergency training – ensure each employee is required to attend emergency procedure training once a year.  Provide plenty of practice opportunities and appoint certain employees Evacuation Leads.  These small and simple steps will protect your workforce from any emergency situation.



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  4. […] have! Refer to my blogs “Create a complete exit, fire & evacuation guidance system” and “Create a safe haven with Evacuation Assembly Area products” for essential products and […]

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