Kleen Energy cut corners and now faces OSHA’s third highest fine ever

In February, 2010, an explosion at a Kleen Energy construction site in Middletown, CT, killed six workers and injured 50 others.  Three construction companies and fourteen subcontractors were cited for 371 safety violations and are now facing OSHA’s third highest fine ever: $16.6 million.

It was discovered that the company cut corners in order to capitalize on a $19 million incentive if the project was finished ahead of schedule. According to SafetyNewsAlert.com, in the weeks and months leading up to the explosion, employees were working seven-day, 84-hour weeks.

A U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigation reported the explosion was most likely caused during a routine practice of cleaning gas fuel piping by using natural gas. The gas found an ignition source, presumably by sparks caused by welding and other work that was being performed nearby.

The explosion at the construction site was felt 40 miles away.



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