Most of these products are required by OSHA or the NFPA.  Check your state-specific regulations before you buy.

Glow-inExit Sign with red lettering and white background, OSHA-compliant-the-dark Signs are available in standard Glo-Mor or Super Glo – the brightest glow-in-the-dark material on the market. Both have an eco-friendly glow film that meets or exceeds all regulations and is non-toxic and non-radioactive, meaning it can be thrown directly into the trash. These signs glow for hours with minimal exposure to natural or fluorescent light, saving you maintenance and electrical costs.

Evacuation Assembly Area signs are also essential to any company’s safety plan. Emedco offers indoor and outdoor Severe Weather Shelter  & Emergency Evacuation Signs. Indoor signs are a standard safety sign and available in aluminum, steel, plastic, form adhesive, adhesive vinyl, and magnetic materials. Outdoor signs are sold in heavy-duty reflective or non-reflective aluminum only. Emedco’s optional lifetime-guarantee Duroshield topcoat can be added to either sign style, eliminating replacement costs forever.

In order to create an effective and safe evacuation assembly area, you will need a variety of emergency preparedness items including light sticks, traffic cones, and traffic cone signs.

Other Exit, Fire and Evacuation products include fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher tags, glow-in-the-dark tape, truss signs, flashlights, evacuation map holders, megaphones, fire blankets, and more.

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